When half way through the journey of our life

I found that I was in a gloomy wood,

because the path which led aright was lost.

And ah, how hard it is to say just what

this wild and rough and stubborn woodland was,

the very thought of which renews my fear!

Each one of us is looking for something during our lives. Sometimes, it turns out that the search is going around back-and-fourth the same loop. If you feel like breaking it – you are welcome to do so by trying your limits at Dante’s Hell Backyard Ultra.

Our 6.7 km loop, located in Suruceni, a small village just 10 km away from Moldova’s capital city of Chisinau, looks beautiful in October. The autumn puts a magnificent mark on the nature, coloring it in gold and fire. Yellow, orange, red, green – these colors are distracting runners’ minds while they climb 180 meters (600 feet) on each loop. Yes, it is not easy, but it’s worth it.

 The terrain is 90% trail and 10% asphalt. There is only one loop – no day/night variations.