Year 2 saw 47 runners run in relatively mild winter Temps. 3 runners made it past 24 hours. Our winner gutted it out for 37 hours (154.167 miles).

Year 1 saw 42 runners brave freezing temperatures with 30+ mile per hour winds. The day before was pleasant (if cold) and the day after was pleasant (if cold) as well. The City of Idaho Falls plows us a course that winds through an old horse race track and sand dune area that is now a City Park. However, headquarters and the transition area are indoor in the Bonneville County Exhibition Hall to give the race a great festival-like atmosphere and a comfortable place for crew, friends, family and eliminated runners to hang out and socialize.

The race can be done cheaply in what we call “Bareback” style, where you basically take care of yourself. It can also be done “Thoroughbred” style, with a Deluxe aid station that has catered food and an extensive selection of ultrarunning fare. Reserved indoor spaces are also available so you can set up a cot, tent or whatever you want for those trying to endure for a long time. With experienced race directors and a plethora of friendly volunteers from the Idaho Falls Trail Runners Community you will have an experience you won’t forget!!!