This will be a cold one, likely below freezing with snow, but we have the Bonneville County Exhibition Hall at the Fairgrounds to make transitions a bit more comfortable. The course will be at Sandy Downs Park, which also boasts an old horse race facility. We’ll wander through past the grandstands, through horse corrals, and some of the course will even be on the racetrack. The course also includes some sand, but is very flat and should be fast. Because it’s December in Idaho, there is a good chance that we’ll have snow.

The race can be done cheaply in what we call “Bareback” style. Basically you get a basic aid station, some space outside for transition, and a very well marked course. It can also be done “Thoroughbred” style, with a Deluxe aid station that has catered food and an extensive selection of ultrarunning fare, as well as reserved indoor space for you to set up your own cozy transition area. Once the race starts though, everyone is on equal footing through the course!