In the Land Ordinance of 1785 Congress mandated that no land outside existing states could be sold, distributed, or opened for settlement until it was surveyed; typically into 1 mile square sections. These 1 mile squares were useful, as they came to 640 acres. A handy number, as then it could be subdivided into even acres (1/4 section = 160 acres,) all the way down to 4 acres. The section also turns out to be the perfect measurement for organizing a backyard ultra. Four 1 mile straightaways with a short connection to the start/finish constituting a single yard. Inspired by this pure yard, we invite you to come to the heart of the Heartland and enjoy what we’ve put together. Magnificent views of sunrise and sunset on a course that was designed for knocking out a large number of yards. This is the place to go further than you have ever gone before.