Herdy’s Frontyard Ultra

are you ready for the boot?

  • By Ultra Series WA
  • Herdsman, WA, Australia
  • March
  • 16:00

Sister event to Birdy’s Backyard Ultra.

An incredible spectacle for runners, crew, volunteers and spectators alike, the Backyard Ultra format is an extreme form of ultra marathon running.

Runners tackle a 6.71k loop on the hour, every hour until all but 1 runner is left. Once all expect the last runner fails to complete a lap within cut off, the final competitor must then complete a solo lap within cut off to be crowned the winner. If they fail to complete the lap within cut off, they’ll be “Given The Boot”. So if you like the prospects of a 99.97% chance of a DNF and receiving the black DNF boot as your prize, then this is the event for you.

Or do you fancy your chances at winning the Golden Boot?

Race Details

Loop Details
Runners will run the same loop for the entire race
Inaugural Year
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Current number of loops record
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Record Holder Info
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Feet of Climb (day loop)
No data
Feet of Climb (night loop)
No data
Venue Surface (day loop)
No data
Venue Surface (night loop)
No data