Enjoy our great Backyard in Iceland!

The Iceland Backyard UItra is held on a beautiful trail course located in the Heidmork nature reserve. You will run on a smooth undulating trail with amazing sceneries along the way.

An aid station and inside facilities for runners will be at the starting line by Elliðavatnsbaer. There will be a fun atmosphere throughout the whole race.

Employees and volunteers from Arctic Running/Náttúruhlaup will be at the location, assisting runners and keeping the party going! We will serve participants delicious food and refreshments every couple of hours.

  • Location:  Ellidavatnsbaer, Heidmork (close to Reykjavik)
  • Time:       Starts at 9:00 AM, Saturday 21st of September 2024
  • The trail:   6,706 km loop in Heiðmörk, starts and ends at Ellidavatnsbaer
  • Distance:   As many loops as you can handle! Or until you are the last person left. The winner of 2023 edition finished 38 loops!
  • Time limit:  Participants have to finish each 6,706 km loop within an hour.
  • Final Results: All participants in the Iceland Backyard Ultra will receive a certificate with their number of loops.

Organizers: Náttúruhlaup and Arctic Running
Náttúruhlaup (Nature Running) is the local branch of Arctic Running. While Arctic Running offers Running Tours in Iceland for visitors, Náttúruhlaup is a running community for local runners. Arctic Running/Náttúruhlaup held the Iceland Backyard Ultra for the first time in September 2020. It sold out quickly and was a huge success. We look forward to see you in 2024!