Jernbruket’s backyard ultra came about from a combination of long running sessions and good beer. Around Floda there are several fantastic environments that are perfect for running. In addition to Säveån’s valley and the area around Nääs castle, there are also good hilly forest areas for wonderfully challenging long trail passes.

In addition to nature, Floda has in recent years developed into a center for sustainable food where restaurant Jernbruket is a forerunner.

The two strengths will be used. With the restaurant as a competition centre right next to the railway station, we hope to offer a fantastic experience in early summer when the birdsong is at its most intense. Good food should be offered to the runners just as for the audience who want to follow the race on site.

Jernbruket’s backyard ultra is carried out on two loops. One for night running and one for day running. Both will be amazing experiences!