Based on an old bus line we named the backyard Love Hospital Cemetery  (in Swedish  “Kärleken Sjukhuset Kyrkogården”).

The event is hosted by Teamfikarunningclub who’s the friendliest running club in Sweden.

We’ve got 150 spots since it’s actually is in one of our members backyard we start and pause before we take one more loop.

During the event you’ll find Water, Coffee, Coke, Bananas. And some cardamom buns, sandwiches, potato-buns with lingonberry some pizza. Things to “pick you up” but you’ll need your own energy to run on.

There is toilets and showers available. And close to the start there is a mini-market and pizzeria, please let the support crew know what you need and we’ll get it for you for the next pause, at your expense 😉