The race loop is in a beautiful nature reserve and runs around the small Kottla lake. You will run through pastures and pretty forest on easy to run surfaces. The two main challenges are one big uphill and a steep downhill at the end of the loop, but the landscape is constantly undulating and it adds upp to a physically demanding race.

Map of loop.

Many top runners complained the downhill killed their thighs. We are pleased. All runners praised the variation of the landscape and views throughout the loop.

We continue with a 6 pm Friday start. This so that all get to experience the night. We also believe it will be easier to finish 24 hours since the first night is on fresh legs.

In 2021 Torbjörn Gyllebring won with 43 yards. Not only a new record for our race, but also one the best results for a backyard ultra in Europe that year.