Inspired by Lazarus Lake (founder of the Barkley Marathon) and Big’s Backyard Ultra, the Mad Trapper is hosting a near replica of the Big’s Backyard Ultra on June 18, 2022 at The Ark in Denholm, Quebec, Canada.

The concept is simple:

At 0600 hours on Saturday, June 20, we will start a clockwise race around the 4.16667 mile (6.71km) “Relentless” loop.

The time limit will be one hour.

At 0700 hours, we will begin another race around the loop, although this time, you’ll be running counter-clockwise (even hour loop is clockwise, odd-hour loop is counter-clockwise).

Every hour, on the hour, runners will meet at the start line. This will continue until only ONE RUNNER can complete the loop within the time limit.

Any runner not in the starting corral for any loop, is not eligible to continue.

No late starts!

If no single runner can complete a loop at the end, there will be no winner.

At 2100 hours, the races will transfer to a gravel road out-and-back course (still 4.16667 miles or 6.71km).

At 0600 hours the following morning, we will return to the trail loop.

Those who are able to run for 24 hours and complete 24 loops will have completed 100 miles or 160km of running!

This is a race of attrition. It’s not about speed, or who can run the fastest. It a test of grit. It’s only about who can last the longest. THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!

When the race starts at 6am, everyone is tied for “first place” and everyone has the same opportunity to win. Still, at 36 hours into the race, eveyone who stands at the start line is still tied for first place. There are no “leaders” in this race.

There is only the one racer who finishes, and everyone else who DNFs.

Runners are responsible for their personal aid.

Ark well water will be available throughout the race.

BBQ and chili will be served beginning at 1500 hours and continue until the finish.

And of course, the world famous Mad Trapper brownies will also be served throughout the event.

Crews are allowed, but not necessary.

Space for a lawn chair and cooler will be provided for runners near the start/finish (first come, first claimed).

Runners who quit, give up, fail, DNF will be required to vacate their space so that the survivors can move closer to the starting corral.

Tent space is also available to runners nearby and elsewhere on the property.

All runners will receive a Mad Trapper Backyard Ultra T-shirt.

The lone finisher will also receive a handmade wooden finisher’s plaque.

Please remember, the Mad Trapper Backyard Ultra is following the concept and rules of Big’s Backyard Ultra

There are no cutoff times or tiebreakers. The Mad Trapper Backyard Ultra continues until only one woman (or man) is left standing….

no matter how long it takes.

This is a race of true madness.