The Nowhere Backyard Ultra starts in the middle of the “Pfälzerwald [Deep Forest Area]”. There is no road, no hut near or along the way. Also, the entire course is located in the middle of the forest. There are 250 meters of elevation to climb per lap. No tent, no tarp is allowed to be set up. Everything you need for your run you have to carry yourself to the start/finish and out of the forest. You will be able to place a dropbag, as well as a gas stove to prepare hot drinks or food. Crews are not allowed. Everything must be organized by yourself.

There is no start/finish area, no hut, no shelter. No fires are allowed. Camping furniture is not allowed. Only a water source that bubbles out of the rock and a few logs that run along the trail are present. Every hour we start again for the 6,7km long round, at the end there will be only one who can win. Whoever does not start on time for the new round is out. This is the Backyard Ultra and its rules.

In this event you have to defeat your own demons with your own strength. You will fight against the cold and wet weather. You will have to curb your hunger and thirst and conquer your fatigue. Participation in this event is free of charge – it is an invitation to a unique test of your endurance and willingness to go to the limit.