Welcome to the first MAINLAND China Backyard Ultra!

The race will take place in Puji Village which is located in Lijiang, Yunnan, China.

How the Race Works

If you do not know what a BackYard Ultra-Marathon is then let me explain.

  1.  The race starts at 9am sharp.  All runners must be in the start/finish corral.
  2. You will run a loop that is 6,708 meters long.  You have 1 hour to complete the loop.
  3. After you return to the Start/Finish Corral you are free to rest, fuel up, tend to blisters etc.
  4. At 9:55 a warning bell will toll to let you know loop 2 is going to start in 5 minutes.  at 3 minutes till, 2 minutes till and 1 minute till there will be repeats.
  5.  At 10:00AM sharp the next “yard” or loop begins.
  6. The motto of the race is “One More Yard”.   The loops or “Yards” will continue every hour on the hour until no one can complete another Loop.

If the race sounds intense, IT IS!

Here’s the best part about the Backyard Ultra.
以下是Backyard Ultra最棒的部分

1.  It’s very safe! (We run on a very safe, mostly flat paved road.)(This isn’t an Ultra that takes place in the middle of nowhere with limited emergency vehicle access.)
1. 非常安全!(我们在一条非常安全、几乎是平坦路面的道路上行驶。)
2.  It’s family friendly.  Just because you aren’t a professional runner doesn’t mean you can’t participate.  This is a great family event for families who want to connect over great exercise and an encouraging environment.  Come back year after year and try to beat your previous best.  Many runners run 3-5 Yards and then call it a day and cheer on the other runners while they eat BBQ, Drink Beer            and enjoy the festivities.
3.  It’s serious for those who need it to be.  The most recorded Yards is currently held by Harvey Lewis with 108 Yard.  Yes, that means that a person ran for 108 hours without sleeping more than a dozen minutes.   If you are a serious runner our race is officially accepted          by Backyard Ultra and your results will be recorded professionally and uploaded to the website.  If you want to be the Record                  Holder for China all you have to do is run 28 Yards.  This will be the first Backyard Ultra in China so make history with us and show          your Chinese National Pride by proving that China has runners who run for more than just money.  Come run for China.  Come run          to see if you have what it takes to compete with the WORLDS best.  Come run to learn more about yourself.  Come run to inspire            the next generation of young runners.
3.对于那些需要它的人来说,这是严重的。目前记录最多的码数由菲尔·戈尔以108码保持。是的,这意味着一个人跑了108个小时而没有睡超过十几分钟。如果你是一个认真的跑步者,我们的比赛将被Backyard Ultra正式接受,你的成绩将被专业记录并上传到网站上。如果你想成为中国的记录保持者,你所要做的就是跑28码。这将是中国第一个Backyard Ultra,与我们一起创造历史,通过证明中国有跑步者,他们的跑步不仅仅是为了钱。来为中国跑步吧。来跑步吧,看看你是否具备与世界上最好的跑步者竞争的条件。来跑步来了解更多关于自己的信息。来跑步激励下一代年轻人跑步者。

200RMB Per Individual Runner (Each Runner Gets a T-Shirt and Bag of Goodies from Sponsors.)
500RMB Per Family (Each Family Member gets a T-Shirt and a Family Bag of Goodies.)(Family Size is 3-10)(Must be actual immediate family, ie Mom, Dad, Children, Grandparents)
Fee is due at registration to guarantee a space.

About Our Venue

Puji Village is a beautiful little village on the outskirts of LiJiang.  There is a beautiful well paved, clean safe road that we can do our loop on.  The weather in October is spectacular for running as it is not too hot not too cool.  The sun will be a factor during the day so be sure to pack your sunscreen.  Puji village has great accommodations for runners and their families.  There is local food available and food can be delivered via the most popular food delivery apps if needed.  For information about local accommodations please contact us on Gmail or on WeChat.

Family Friendly
We will update as we have information.  Currently we are working with the Leaders of Puji Village to encourage as many of the Village Vendors to participate as possible.  We hope to have an outdoor food booths area and there is a great play area for  Children to play while parents complete yards. (Limited childcare will be available at aeCamps Property)  There are places to rent Mountain Bikes for the Day and plenty of trails for hiking and riding nearby.  The timing of the event is specifically over the Chinese Holiday so that you can make a vacation out of the event.  We are excited to host this event and with local support we want it to be an Annual event.