We are here in Nivala, Northern Ostrobothnia, two hours South from the city of Oulu. Almost a decade we have been organizing trail run and ultra races, gathering racers all over the country. The race will be held in August 2025, organized by Nivalan Polku association (registered). The event location is Pyssymäki sports area, while the actual race route goes around the nearby trails and gravel road. It’s the same nice 6.71km route day and night (there are lights around the Pyssymäki stadium area). This event is open for everyone, but please note there will be only one race serie for all.

Racers will run the loop every hour until only one person is standing. You have one hour to finish the loop once it’s started : if you finish the loop within an hour, you are allowed to start the next hour’s loop provided you are in the starting line when the next hour starts.