Our Backyard Ultra is hosted in a backyard in Winchendon, MA and hosted by the 2021 DFL champion (Jenny Kenty!).  The loop will include dirt (Class 4) road, old railroad trestle, snowmobile trail, and a small amount of pavement.  Come enjoy a race where being DFL makes you the winner!

Parking and camping available (for free) at the start/finish area.  It might be cold, so we’ll have a fire pit going to tempt you off the course…or to stay warm as we cheer you on!

Aid station at the start/finish area is full of whatever is left over from other races we directed this year.  This being a community event, we suggest folks bring an offering of food or drink to share.

Each lap starts with the cracking of a beer…and then those dropped runners get to consume the beverage.  After you drop, you’re welcome to start the next lap (and then enjoy your post-run beverage).