Welcome to the inaugural Red’s Backyard Ultra! 

AND JUST LIKE THAT… The 2023 Red’s Backyard Ultra is now SOLD OUT!

Thank you to everyone that has registered, we feel so honoured and excited to have you all at our inaugural event. We cannot wait to stand there with you at that start line watching your journey unfold and getting behind you as you push your limits.

If you missed out, don’t forget you can still head on over and register for the waitlist. There will be hourly updates on how the race is progressing, so make sure you come and follow everyone’s journey by joining/liking/sharing the following links:
Red’s Backyard Ultra (Facebook)
Red’s Backyard Ultra (Instagram)

If you are wanting to get involved in all the fun, we are still looking for volunteers, if interested, email to find out more.



The race is set on a NSW State Cross Country course in Kembla Grange, roughly 1.5 hours south of Sydney. Runners and crew will have a dedicated area to set up a personal aid station and access to the clubhouse canteen and bathroom facilities.

It is a last-one-standing event where runners run a loop of 6.7056 km every hour on the hour until there is only one runner left; all other runners are technically a DNF. Runners are rivals, but they are also teammates. They combine their efforts to complete as many yards (loops) as possible. However, it is not until only two runners remain that it becomes a race to see who will win.

Why run a race where there is a substantial chance of a DNF? Because it is a race against yourself more than anyone else. How far can you push yourself? 12 hours, the next day, 2 days! It is the ultimate endurance test of the body, mind and soul, and we would love to see you come and play, come and toe the line and share your journey with us on Saturday 5 August 2023.

2023 Red’s Backyard Ultra Race Manual
Please ensure you read and understand the 2023 Red’s Backyard Ultra Race Manual before registering.