The richmanrun Backyard Ultra will be the inaugural event of its kind held on the beautiful Private Game Farm Die Boer & Die Belg situated 15km outside of Mookgophong in Limpopo. The race will be held on 20 May 2023.

We are situated at 1,141m above sea level, the 6,77km route only has 34m elevation gain, but the thin air, especially in Winter can be quite a lung crusher if you are not used to it. There is an abundance of wildlife on the farm from our Giraffe couple Bert & Reinhilde, a healthy herd of Eland, Gembsbok, Zebra and Wildebeest to name a few, and of course when night time comes you can expect to see a multitude of our nocturnal friends like Porcupine, Aardvark, Bushbuck and Jackal.

The race village can accommodate 40 entrants and a support crew of 3, there is a conveniently located parking area for vehicles, clean maintained ablutions, a swimming pool, braai area and electricity. The vibe will all be about you and your race and we want you to enjoy your experience and also provide you and your crew with cool tunes, a pop-up bar and some food options.

The race will be a loop, starting at Sunrise. The direction of the loop will be reversed after Sunset.

Entrance fee and all accommodation details will be posted shortly. All social media and website will also be launching soon.

This post is just to create awareness and generate some interest so long.