Ruosniemi Backyard Ultra 2023 Pori organises Backyard Ulta race in Pori.  The race concept is simple: The backyard ultra is a form of ultramarathon race where competitors must consecutively run the distance of 6,706 meters (4.167 miles) in less than one hour.  These distance loops are repeated hourly. The race ends when the last runner or runners either concede or fail to finish the distance within the allotted time frame.

Date: The race date is Saturday 7.4.2023

Time: starts 9 am

Place: Ruosniemen kuntorata Pori, Myyrynkuja, 28220 Pori

Route: Route goes round Ruosniemi skicenter. One backyard round consist of three rounds of 2236m, totalling 6706m. The route is quite difficult and on Backyard rounds contains vertical meter of 165 metres! So if you survive 24h, the vertical meters are more than 4km.

Registeration and prices.

Early bird 31.12.2022: 60€

Jan-Feb 2023: 80€

Starting 1.3.2023: 100€