Where and When

Ouray, Colorado, starting in Fellin Park at 9:00 am, Saturday May 18, 2024. Register here.

Course Summary

An easy out-and-back with only 140 feet of vert (1.3% average grade). The course includes about 0.50 mile on asphalt running track, 0.75 mile on smooth dirt roads, and about 2.95 miles on the Uncompahgre River Walk (a gravel footpath broad enough for easy passing). Although the course itself is easy, the altitude here is about 7700 feet above sea level. This may become a factor, especially when runners start getting tired!

See the map and Photo Tour.

Starting Procedure

We have signals at three minutes, two minutes, one minute, thirty seconds, a ten second countdown, and then the starting bell. To be eligible to start any given hour, you must be inside the starting corral when the starting bell is given. No late starts! Once the hour starts, you must immediately embark on the course and remain on it, other than for restroom breaks as described below, until you finish the circuit.

Restroom Rule

The South Restroom is near the Start/Finish. A runner may visit this restroom either between laps (i.e., after finishing one circuit and before starting the next), or while on course, but only after first completing the initial 0.25 mile asphalt path around the ballfield. The North Restroom is on the River Walk and can be visited at about the 1.5 and 2.7 mile marks.

Personal Stations

You’ll be assigned an 8 ft x 8 ft area to set up your personal station. Early registration improves your chance for a space closer to the starting line and aid station.

For an extra charge of $35, you may request a spot under the commercial canopy (big top). Otherwise, you will be assigned a spot outside of the big top. Whether inside the big top or out, a group of runners can mutually request to be adjacent to each other.

If you’re outside the big top, you may set up your own shelter. Any shelters with floors may only be set up in the gravel area. Requests to set up a shelter larger than 8 ft x 8 ft will only be entertained in the gravel area, or in the grass if it’s for a group of runners.


Please park in the lot south of the park accessible from 9th avenue. You may use the Hot Springs parking lot before the race to unload stuff, but vehicles must be moved out of the Hot Springs parking lot immediately after unloading.

Amenities and Activities

Jeerleading is encouraged!

The hot springs pool is right next to the Start/Finish.

Many shops, restaurants, a grocery store, four breweries, and a distillery are within a few blocks.

There are many, many nearby trails for bored crew to go explore.

A few miles from town, there is quite a bit of free, dispersed camping.

Contact Information

Eric Robinson shortcutvelociraptor@gmail.com
Ginny LaForme truchaspeaks7@hotmail.com