Hello brave participants! This unique race concept does not require you to the be the fastest, it only requires you to be the toughest.
This event was inspired by Gary Cantrell’s (AKA Lazarus Lake’s) “Big’s Backyard Ultra” held in Tennessee.
At the top of every hour a 4.16-mile trail run will begin. Each runner is required to run this loop before the hour is up. Then, at the top of the next hour, you all leave for the same 4.16-mile loop again. It’s that easy.
The run will continue as such until only one person remains. That last person will have to complete one last 4.16-mile loop on their own at which point they will be the finisher. All other entrants will be granted a “DNF” as they failed to run as far as the finisher. This means the race may continue overnight and into the next day. This also means that the distance of the race isn’t determined by the “sole survivor”, it means that it’s determined by the person that drops out last!
There will be one aid station (at the start/finish) and it will have the typical aid station fare. If you have any special needs or requests please ask the RD or bring it yourself. At dusk (or when the RD gets hungry) we’ll fire up a BBQ and cook up some grub for everyone. If you have anything you wish to bring for the BBQ feel free.
It is a condition of our USATF liability insurance that pets not be allowed on the course at the same time as the runners. Service animals are allowed, of course.
Sole Survivor is currently a bronze event for Big’s Backyard Ultra. Big’s Backyard is the world championship event for this race format. The winner of Sole Survivor will become eligible to go to a silver level event and if they do well there, could qualify for Big’s. If entry is granted, Sole Survivor will pay the airfare for the lucky (unlucky?) entrant! (up to $600) Contact the Race Director for more information.