The Southern Tour Ultra is a running festival held on private land in Scotts Hill North Carolina, just outside of Wilmington. This 1700 acre property borders the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway and is uninhabited. There is a trail system on this land that will be the race route. A 250 yard field that is in the center of the property will be the home base start/finish area for the event.

The Last Man Standing Backyard Ultra will begin Friday at 9pm before the main event.  This will place the remaining backyard ultra runners at the 12 hour marker when 800+ runners show up for the relay and individual ultra events.  Backyard Ultra runners will have a course that does not conflict with the other races.  The festival has multiple race opportunities all starting with a Last Man Standing on Friday followed by a 50 mile individual, 50K individual and 50 mile age graded team relay.

The history of the name Southern Tour: President George Washington passed through this exact area back in 1791, on his way from New Bern to Wilmington. This passing was part of his famous “Southern Tour.” By local tradition, he and his party paused for lunch under a large oak tree. In 1925, the DAR placed a marker at a likely candidate for the famous oak; an expansion of U.S. 17 was re-routed in 1997 to save it. “The Washington Oak” now stands on the west side of U.S. 17 between the Washington Acres and Deerfield subdivisions.


The Southern Tour Ultra is produced by Without Limits an endurance company that puts on events, coaches athletes and has an apparel and nutrition line.  The event is a race festival feel which includes a cookout, camping, BBQ, live music on Saturday and events for all runners from middle school, adult age grouper and ultra marathon runner!




1:00pm to 6:00pm – Packet Pickup 
1:00pm to 6:00pm – Camping Check In at Packet Pickup location (must have a camping pass to enter the grounds)
7:00pm – All RVs and Campers must be inside the premises
8:00pm Last Man Standing BACKYARD ULTRA Begins


5:30am – Gates open – Cars can only drive in, there will be no exiting until after 12:00pm
6:15am – 50 mile meeting (Mandatory)
6:30am – 50 mile race begins
6:45am – 50K meeting (Mandatory)
7:00am – 50K race begins
7:15 am  Relay Meeting (Mandatory)
7:30am – 50 mile relay 1st leg runners start (all 1st runners must check in)
12:00pm – Traffic can now only exit the property due to 1 way street
4:00pm – Course Sweep – 50K and 50 Mile you must be on your last lap by 4:00pm to finish
5:00pm – All Relay Teams must be on your last lap
10:00pm – Campers – all music and noise off


9:00am clear site – please plan to be gone by 9:00am
Thank You!