Welcome to join our beautiful Backyard Ultra here in Strömsbruk. Saturday May 20th at 10:00 am at Strömsbruks IP. Introduction & rules at 9:40 am. The runners will run a distance of 6.7 kilometers each hour, as many times as possible. Of course, this is how you set your distance record or run your first Ultra. It’s not about winning!

  • A warm-up before the Marathon
  • Practice energy intake
  • Set your own distance record
  • Have a nice day in the forest

Run in the forest, by the sea on cobblestones and along the river. Run until you drop – most laps win! 🙂

Start and stop including a checkpoint at IP. Family and friends can cheer you on multiple times per lap. Three wind shelters/barbecue areas are located along the course. We’ll light up the grill after the second lap when many are satisfied with their day’s work.

We offer water, toilets, showers, warming hut, grill facilities, and electricity to charge devices. Participants are responsible for their own calories. Don’t forget your headlamp and extra batteries if you run after dark 🙂!

All participants run at their own risk and with their own insurance.

Are you traveling here? It’s possible to camp at the sports facility. Or, stay at the beautiful Kustledens Vandrarhem. There, you can also rent a canoe and SUP. https://www.kustledenhostel.com/ There are plenty of hiking trails, beautiful fishing spots, and proximity to the sea in the surrounding area.

It will be possible to register and pay on the day of the competition. Please indicate your interest here. Thanks for saying yes if you’re coming. What is Backyard Ultra? // The rules will be updated according to the international organization’s recommendations //

The runners will run a distance of 6.7 kilometers each hour, as many times as possible. Only the last person who comes to the starting line and completes the lap wins the competition. All others are disqualified, and if more than one person comes to the starting line and completes a last lap, all are disqualified and no winner is declared. The distance of 6.7 km in one hour equals 4.167 miles and means that the runners will have run 100 miles, approximately 161 km, in 24 hours. Ps. We won’t be policing anyone who doesn’t complete the laps according to the rules, but we won’t keep the facility open after there’s a winner either.

Welcome 🙂