Sisyphus Ultra Challenge

embrace The SUC

  • By Negative Split Running
  • Hemet, California, United States of America
  • April
  • 07:00

The struggle itself.. is enough to fill a man’s heart. One must imagine Sisyphus happy. – Albert Camus

nothing sucs like a backyard brawl – Laz

At shortly before 7 a.m. on Saturday, you line up at the start. At precisely 7 a.m., you begin running 4.16667 miles around the Washburn Ranch, returning to where you began. Every hour on the hour you must return to begin again. Miss the start and you’re out. Show up alone at the start, run the course, and you win.

No better way for an ultrarunner to celebrate That Sucks day in April (during COVID, we’ll just SUC in July).

The event is chip timed with live web tracking, so everyone at home can track your progress. Likewise, you can view your progress onsite after each loop.

Plus, the best food you will find at any ultra.


Race Details

Loop Details
Runners will run the same loop for the entire race
Inaugural Year
Current number of loops record
Record Holder Info
Daniel List 2019
Feet of Climb (day loop)
Feet of Climb (night loop)
No data
Venue Surface (day loop)
hardpacked dirt
Venue Surface (night loop)
No data

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