The Uk’s biggest Silver Ticket event and the course the current UK record of 81 hours was set in 2021.

Its also the site where the UK National Championships is hosted every 2 years.

Champs video here.

Video link here for the record race in 2021.

4.167 miles every loop starting at 12pm on the Saturday.

Free Camping and and food provided for runners, runners don’t get charged for food. Hot food available every 6 hours and boiling water and sweet and savory foods available 24 hours.

Free camping and fresh water for supporters and crews. No limit on crew numbers.

Current record 81 loops by John Stocker in 2021. This is the current UK record.

Loops are flat forest trails, good underfoot with some rooty sections. All in the grounds of the stunning Knettishall Heath Nature Reserve.

It’s a flat fast course and the most popular and most competitive race in the UK.

Incentives for runners, what we want is the most competitive race possible to assemble the best UK team at the next championships.

We also want everyone to go further than they have gone before so provide the best support we can.

If you have run more than 35 yards in the last 2 years we want you to come to this race and push for 100 yards, we will give you a 50% discount if you have run 35 yards, 75% discount if you have run 40 yards or a free entry if you have run 45 yards or more.

£500 cash prize for the winner.

There are discounts for group entries such as clubs. The bigger the group that enters the cheaper each entry gets. Great for clubs and friends.

We also give discounts for the earlier you enter so we can plan the event better further in advance.


Come along and see how far you can go.

You may be surprised.

Lindley RD.