Standardized 6,7 km lap, surface – gravel, trail, swamp. Trail running shoes are not obligatory. Track is unmarked, participants are obliged to follow gpx track. Approximately 200 meters of track goes over swamp (gpx is looped for convenience only). Following gpx track on this part is non obligatory. Participants are free to choose the path (straight, over the water, around but dry feet). There is no ascent on the lap, recommended outfit with full skin coverage (due to ticks and contagious diseases that are spread by ticks). Littering in the track can result disqualification without warring.
Parking in the yard is for those cars and drivers who contribute to a greater good. Who brings something useful for the race and participants, comes with 4+ passengers, foreign guests. We encourage to cooperate and start making new friends ASAP.
If needed, it‘s possible to build a tent and sleep at site before the event. After the race as well. Everyone is responsible for own drinks, food and other required inventory.
Minors under 18 are free to participate however still requires registration with a supervising adult. Only registered participants will be in the official protocol.