After watching Ryan Crawford take out the 2022 event over Kevin Muller in a then Australian record of 59 laps (with both now on two wins apiece), We were anticipating big things in 2023.  As it turned out, we got it, and despite the early oppressive conditions, Ryan and James Blanton, running a final 22 hours as the last pair, managed to rack up 60 laps, before calling it a day and DNFing at the start of lap 61.

With Neither wanting to see the other ‘lose’ while they got the win, it was an incredible and emotional display of sportsmanship.  We can’t wait to see what 2024 brings.  Maybe more from this pair!

But that’s the pointy end.  For the vast majority of runners, the race format offers a unique opportunity to find out just how far they can go and for how long in an event that generates an amazing vibe and sense of camaraderie.