The event is sold out for 2023, but there is a wait list and most on it get an offer of a place at some point.

Possibly the best suited course in Australia for the last one standing format.  At the time of writing having set an Australian record three times for most laps recorded.

After two years of COVID-19 and its impact on events, we were finally able to host a complete field.  And how fitting that the 22 winner and the assist were the only former winners of the event with, on this occasion, Ryan Crawford having the edge over the near irrepressible Kevin Muller, with both setting a new Australian record, and Ryan finishing on 59 laps to Kevin’s 58 (an assist of 15 laps). It’s truly an individual team event and never better illustrated than on this occasion.

But that’s the pointy end.  For the vast majority of runners, the race format offers a unique opportunity to find out just how far they can go and for how long in an event that generates an amazing vibe and sense of camaraderie.