We are excited to deliver a maybe much-needed Ultra after all the food & wine consumed over Christmas and the New Year.

With a little twist to the rules as we launch.

We intend to give medals to anyone who reaches 32 miles ie ULTRA, the winning Male and Female who are last standing will be allocated a TROPHY.

Set just outside Crickhowell, deep in the Black Mountains, the route will be 50/50 Trail and Tarmac, with only one gradual climb and a short steep section, the rest is relatively flat terrain, which means fast!

You will be watered & fed, with hot food for everyone regardless if you run 20 – 100+++

Based in the pretty town of Crickhowell you will not be disappointed with the surrounding views. The majestic Black Mountains and the Llangattock Escarpment will keep you company on the loop.

A town, a castle, a village, a hamlet beside a river, ancient trees and wildlife in an abundance, will all keep you motivated.

We will add more route pics very soon.

Do it !!