as i write this meryjn and ivo are working on their 99th consecutive hour of running.

the once almost unimaginable mark of 100 hours seems certainly only another hour away.


the numbers boggle the mind:

416-2/3 miles

670-1/2 kilometers

100 miles in less than 24 hours 4 days in a row

(and then another 4 hours on pace to do it again)…


they started running last saturday afternoon

and as the sun is setting the next wednesday night

they are still running.





if you call a 5 minute nap sleep.



i would be curious to know just what they are eating.



they will be coming in on the 99th hour any time now.

i think i want to turn on the live feed to see them start 100.

this is no longer just an amazing race

or unbelievable performance…


they are redefining the limits of human potential.