what is happening on the scoring front?


we are down to 5 countries who are still struggling to get their scores up

bad mike is working on that.


as we all know,

timing people are frustrated by backyards.

because they want to put people in some sort of order.

but everyone is tied for the lead

every hour.


so most of them like to sort people by lap times.

not that it has any bearing on the outcome,

but at least they can put people in some sort of order…


since we have here countries competing against one another

we see the countries sorted based on average lap times..


i have to admit i find that interesting.

currently the scoreboard shows australia with the fastest lap times.

i will have to confirm if they are actually keeping those times,

because australia,

like the us,

has a fairly challenging day loop.


hungary and austria are definitely running fast times

with japan and belgium not far behind.


the us is back in 20th place.

but that fits perfectly with our strategy.

fast early laps mean nothing in the backyard.

each only counts as a single yard.