what’s on my mind?


so many thoughts are racing thru my mind right now.

every year

when the championships happen

we think the ultimate winner is feeling no pain

that they can go forever.

and then they finish…


only then do we become aware of the unbelievable pain and fatigue they have endured.


because in the backyard you can show no weakness.

or your opponent is given hope.

and, ultimately, they are competitors.


as competitors they have come together against a common opponent.

the remorseless march of time.

that brings whistles to end their brief moments of rest

and thrust them back into the fray once more.


against the limitations of the human body.

as they prove the unimaginable capabilities

of mind over matter.

and make their bodies endure the unendurable.


i am reminded again,

just how much that human achievement

is built on the foundation of our bonds with one another.

for them there are layers.

they run to help each other reach one hundred.

they run to represent their home country

the belgium they love.


and now,

with all other countries in repose

they run to represent the human race.

taking man to places he has never been.



this achievement now

has transcended what any runner has ever done before.


and at the top of the next hour,

what will happen?


no one knows but two supermen

named ivo and meryjn