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Backyard Ultra - Individual World Championships 2023

Start: October 21, 2023 0700 central US time and various local times around the world
Finish: Nobody knows?
Roster 2023*

Backyard Ultra – World Team Championship

Offcial Teaser

37 countries’ national teams will start the second satellite backyard ultra world championships.
37 national championship races occurring simultaneously
but, the real question is;
whose top 15 runners are the best?
each nation will field a 15 man team.
scores will be kept.
and the country whose 15 top runners complete the most hours
will win the world team championship for their country.
the result is a race not quite like any other.
the runners are rivals.
but they are also team-mates.
they combine their efforts to try to bring the world championship home to their country.
only when each race comes down to two runners
does it become a race to see who will represent the country in the individual world championships in 2023….
and it is all being broadcast,
start to finish.
with hours dedicated to each team
and coverage of the developing competition for the world championships.
and you can see it all;
the mud
the blood
the tears
and athletes pushing the limits of human capability ever further into the unknown.
is this the year that magic 100 hour barrier falls?
it is in the dreams of runners around the world.
tune in and see what happens.


We run in the backyard for many different reasons. We run because it is fun. We run to socialize with our friends (old and new). We run to go further than we have ever gone before….

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