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Backyard Ultra - Individual World Championships 2023

Start: October 21, 2023 0700 central US time and various local times around the world
Finish: Nobody knows.
Roster 2023*

Backyard Ultra – World Team Championship

Offcial Teaser

And here they are, 75 athletes, representing 38 countries. all with the same dream…

to be the last man on earth in a contest between the 75 stubbornest runners in the world. to enter the fray at 0700 saturday october 21, and 4 or 5 days later…

maybe longer

to step up to the line and be the only one.

with one last yard between you and the ultimate victory.

the beauty of this event? for every runner who toes the line it could happen. any of the 75 could walk away the winner. they must only want it more than anyone else. no one can build a lead.

the course is not outrageous. every runner in the field can do it in less than an hour with ease. the task is simple…

every hour, on the hour, step up to the starting line

and answer the bell. then run a solid yard. it doesnt have to be a great yard. just a solid one.

every hour. every single hour. all day all night

day, after day, after day.

it is easy…

until it is not. and when it is not easy. it is so, so, so hard. and if you have one bad hour?

you are done.

75 athletes.

75 different paths to the championship race.

75 different personalities

75 different plans…

but only one dream.


We run in the backyard for many different reasons. We run because it is fun. We run to socialize with our friends (old and new). We run to go further than we have ever gone before….

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