The Stats from 2023:

Our inaugural year showed this is a distance PR course. But don’t take our word for it, check out the 2023 stats…83% of starters finished at least 50K, 50%, finished 100K, and 28% went 100+ miles! Those numbers are incredible. 5 out of 18 runners in 2023 ran 100+ miles.

The Course: No change for 2024!  All 100 milers will get an awesome belt buckle.  Race starts on Friday!

Barn Creek Backyard is an out and back course on a combination of gravel, dirt, & pavement.  The course will stay the same day and night.  Runners start on a gravel driveway and cut through a mowed field to the trail/dirt road.  Trail crosses over Barn Creek bridge and pops out on to the paved portion of the course.  Runners turn around at a key hole loop and head back to finish the 4.167 mile loop. There is ~256 feet of elevation gain each lap.

Each runner will have a 10×10 crew/aid station area based on registration date.  Race starts at 7 am.  Each lap will start on the hour every hour until only 1 runner is left to finish one more lap.

r3 motoworx has 12 full hookup RV sites and 10 water only sites. Call r3 to reserve  (931) 752-6686.