The 15 members of Team Pakistan will include the 4 winners of the Silver Ticket event and the top 14 runners of the At Large list. The current roster status can be found at under “2024 Team Championships”.

Major performances can be recorded at any of the connected Backyard Ultras, a complete list is available on the same website under “Races”. Eligible players include:

The winner will be declared the National Champion for 2024. Simultaneous satellite championships will be held in more than 50 countries. Each yard completed by a team member will count as one point. The country with the highest number of points will be declared the World Team Champion. The top 50 national champions from these races will earn a slot at the 2025 World Individual Championships.

Backyard Ultra is the biggest Ultra-running event in the world. Where “There is No finish. There is only one finisher. The last one standing”.

Event Details:
SATURDAY 19th October 2024
Meeting Time: 04:00 pm at F-9 Park Gate 4 (F-8 Side) Islamabad, Pakistan. You can set up camp with your support crew for the duration of the event.
Starting Time: 05:00 pm
Level: Advanced
Duration: The Last One Standing
Terrain: Gravel and Dirt
Distance: 6.7km (4.1-mile) loop. You can run as many loops until remains last one standing
Ascent: 118ft (36 meters).
The event is only for the top 15 athletes of Margalla Backyard Ultra which will be held on Dec 2022 and 2023 and 2022 Championship.

The course is in F-9 Park and almost flat with approximately 36m (118ft) of elevation gain on each loop. It can easily be completed within the 1-hour time limit. The course is a mixture of gravel and dirt tracks.

It’s TEAM PAKISTAN. Let’s join hands to sponsor and support the first-of-kind event in the history of Pakistan. Companies & individuals interested in sponsoring or supporting the event may contact:
Javed Ali (+923336424818)