The Faroe Islands’ first Backyard Ultra race becomes a reality. On September 30th at 09:00, Bragdið organizes the Havnardalur Backyard Ultra 2023.

Backyard racing is a relatively new type of competition where the focus is not on running fast, but on endurance and reliability. In Backyard racing, there are no age groups, nor are the genders separated. There is only one category. However, the age limit is set to 18 years.

The rules are simple. Every full hour, participants must run from start to finish, 6.7056 km. This must be completed within an hour, as the next round starts on the next full hour. This continues until only one participant remains who completes a round. The course starts from Spíran, goes around the barns, along Liasarvegi, down by Sandá, out to Velbastaðvegin, and back down to Spíran. When the course is finally determined, a map will be posted. The course is 6.7056 km long.

Between rounds, participants can rest or sleep, eat, go to the bathroom, change clothes, change shoes, etc., depending on how much time is left. Participants bring everything they expect to need: chairs, mattresses, pillows, sleeping bags, food, gels, liquids, change of clothes, various pairs of shoes, etc. Sunset is at 19:00, so those who expect to run longer must bring a light. The organizers offer a small meal every third hour. At 12:00, 15:00, 18:00, etc. The menu will be announced 14 days before the competition.

The start and finish will be at Spíran and the community houses of Ríðifelagnum, which will also be the main venue for the competition. There will be space for each individual to set up a small area with their equipment. The participation fee is 300 kr. If you sign up no later than 17 September a t-shirt is included in the price. You will receive an email later, where we will ask about size and type. As mentioned, a small meal every third hour is also included in the price. Cold water, boiled water, coffee, and tea, fruit, and energy drinks are available at all times.

Since this is the first time we are trying this, the number of participants will be limited to 40. Therefore, the first 40 to register will get a spot. The age limit is 18 years. Each participant can have at most one helper inside the buildings between stops. International rules for the race:

The preliminary course is available on Fatmap and can be seen below.