The Iceland Backyard UItra 101 is scheduled to be held on the 29th of April 2022 in the heart of Reykjavik. Location to be confirmed. 


Employees and volunteers from Arctic Running/Náttúruhlaup will be at the location, assisting runners and keeping the party going! We will serve participants delicious food and refreshments during the race.

General information:

  • Location:  Mjolnir, Flugvallarvegur 3-3a, 102 Reykjavik (to be confirmed)
  • Time:        Starts at 9:00 AM, Saturday 29th of April 2023
  • The trail:   6,706 km loop in the Oskjuhlid forest and along the Nautholsvik coastline
  • Distance:   As many loops as you can handle! Or until you are the last person left in the race. 
  • Time limit:  Participants have to finish each 6,706 km loop within an hour. 
  • Final Results: All participants in the Iceland Backyard Ultra will receive a certificate with their number of loops.

Organizers: Náttúruhlaup and Arctic Running

Náttúruhlaup (Nature Running) is the local branch of Arctic Running. While Arctic Running offers Running Tours in Iceland for visitors, Náttúruhlaup is a running community for local runners. Arctic Running/Náttúruhlaup held the Iceland Backyard Ultra for the first time in September 2020. It sold out quickly and was a huge success. We look forward to see you in the Backyard races in 2023!