The Kinloss Back Yard Ultra is being held on Saturday 31 August 2024, within Kinloss Barracks Training Area, Kinloss, Moray. The day loop is predominantly rough grass, sand, and compact gravel trail, whilst the night loop is 100% road and runway mixture of runway, making for an interesting and unique BYU!

Full details and race registration can be found here: Kinloss Running Festival – EntryCentral

Considering Your First Back Yard Ultra?

You don’t have to be a seasoned ultra runner to participate in this event. Why not use this as the perfect opportunity to challenge yourself to run a set goal distance:

  • 4 Yards  = Half Marathon
  • 7 Yards = Marathon
  • 8 Yards = Ultra / 50K
  • 12 Yards = 50 Miles


Back Yard Ultra Rules:

  • The yard course will be at least 4.17 miles  / 6.71 kilometers long.
  • The starting corral will remain the same size throughout the event.
  • Each yard starts precisely 1 hour after the last, with warnings given 3, 2, and 1 minutes prior to the start of the yard.
  • When the bell rings to start the next lap, you must be inside the starting corral. If you are not, then you will receive a DNF and not be allowed to continue.
  • All competitors must start at the bell (no late starts) and each yard must be completed within an hour to be counted, including the last yard.
  • Except for restroom breaks, competitors must not leave the yard course until the yard has been competed.
  • Non-competitors are not allowed on the course (including eliminated runners) and no personal aid is allowed during the yard. This includes the passing of items, fuel or hydration once inside the starting corral or whilst running the yard.
  • You can only have assistance between finishing one yard and entering the corral for the next yard.
  • Cheering / motivational support from team members is only allowed at Race HQ and the starting corral.
  • No artificial aids (including trekking poles).
  • Slower runners must allow faster runners to pass.
  • If no runner can complete one more loop than anyone else, there is no winner.