Introducing the London Backyard Ultra: A Challenge Unlike Any Other!

For those already familiar with the captivating Backyard Ultra format…

Embrace the relentless rhythm of covering a distance of 4.167 miles, each passing hour, until a lone victor emerges from the fray.

Behold, as we proudly bring the essence of Gary “Lazarus Lake” Cantrell’s iconic endurance spectacle to the heart and soul of the United Kingdom – none other than the capital city of London!

Stay vigilantly connected to the London Backyard Ultra website, where crucial updates will be unveiled.


Discover London: The Epicenter of the Event

London, the pulsating capital of the United Kingdom, stands as an unparalleled global metropolis that encapsulates history, culture, and innovation.

Drawing countless adventurers and culture-seekers, London offers an amalgamation of tradition and modernity in every corner.

Within its vast urban expanse, London surprises with diverse landscapes catering to runners, fostering a robust community of passionate running aficionados.

With a sophisticated network of transportation arteries, London guarantees seamless navigation, allowing you to traverse its marvels with ease.


Prepare for the Ultimate Challenge

In the words of Lazarus Lake, “the more demanding the course, the fiercer the competition” – and London’s undulating topography is a testament to that!

Can you rise above the test of 4.167 miles?

Can you conquer this distance within the unforgiving span of an hour?

Now, envision yourself embracing this monumental endeavor hourly, unwaveringly, all while striving to outlast fellow contenders and etch your name in the annals of victory!


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