The Manchester Backyard Ultra: A Test of Endurance and Grit

For those acquainted with the Backyard Ultra phenomenon…

Conquer a challenging distance of 4.167 miles, every hour, relentlessly, until a sole contender emerges victorious.

Prepare to witness the embodiment of Gary “Lazarus Lake” Cantrell’s legendary endurance spectacle, right in the heart of the United Kingdom – welcome to Manchester, England!

Keep an eye on the Manchester Backyard Ultra website for updates.


Discover Manchester: The Epicenter of the Event

Manchester, a vibrant city nestled in the heart of England, boasts a unique blend of heritage and modernity.

Drawing inquisitive souls and explorers, Manchester offers a captivating fusion of history and contemporary flair.

Despite its urban expanse, Manchester offers varied terrains perfect for runners, nurturing a robust community of fervent running enthusiasts.

With a well-connected transportation network, Manchester ensures seamless exploration, allowing you to traverse its marvels effortlessly.


Gear Up for the Ultimate Challenge

In the words of Lazarus Lake, “the more formidable the course, the fiercer the contest” – and Manchester’s terrain is a testament to this truth!

Can you overcome the demanding 4.167-mile distance?

Can you achieve this feat within the unyielding span of an hour?

Now, envision yourself embracing this monumental feat hourly, persisting steadfastly, all while striving to outlast fellow competitors and engrave your name in the annals of victory!


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