Big D’s Backyard Ultra and Trail Race

Race Date:  Saturday May 18, 2024

Location:  Ken Reid Conservation Area

Races offered:  6hr, 12hr, 24hr, and school x-c meet of 7km

Race Start Time 9AM

Information about the race:

277 Kenrei Rd, Lindsay, ON K9V 4R2

This is a backyard ultra.  We will offer a 7km X-C course that needs to be completed every hour.   At the start of every hour a legendary gong will be drummed.  This will signal the start of a fresh hour and lap.  Those who have not completed their lap unfortunately this will mark the end of the journey.  This will allow athletes to continue to strive towards completing the race and course.  

Whether you’re running in the 6hr, 12hr, or 24hr event you need to complete your lap before the end of the 1hr time limit.  If unable to, your race is over but you can try again next year.  You can’t start before the drumming of the gong until the top of every hour even if you finish your lap in 40 minutes.  You must wait until the start of a fresh hour before starting up again.

Those who survive into the final hour the lap becomes a race and the first to finish is the winner of the event.

The Course

The course is a technical course consisting of grass, a small section of gravel,  is a trail racer’s dream with woods, roots, and close to water access.  

Camping:  Camping is allowed but not burning can take place as athletes must use broilers, burners but no wood fires.

Chip Timing:  This is a chip timed course for the 7km Trail race event and athletes will have access to their results after the race.  Those in the 6hr, 12hr, and 24hr event you will be marked completed at the end of every lap.  The winner will be announced on our website and


Food, gels, and water will be provided for athletes throughout the event.  Sponsors to come shortly.Registration:  Opens on November 15, 2023.  You can register on raceroster  as well as on our website and