I have been following the interesting sports of Backyard Ultra for several years. In 2018 I contacted Lazarus and asked how we could bring this fascinating and desirable event to Finland. Lazarus was inspired about this immediately and with his help we organised the first Nuuksio Backyard Ultra the next year. Since then the race has been organised every year.

Nuuksio Backyard Ultra takes place at the sports institute Solvalla. We have separate day and night loops. The day loop in situated in a typical but beautiful Souther Finland forest. Most part of the loop is single trail and some people might even say the single trail is fairly technical. The night loop is complete opposite to the day loop. It is a flattish loop mostly on asphalt. It’s even a bit boring but it helps you to recover for the upcoming day loop again. We run 16 rounds of day loop and remaining 8 rounds of night loop.

We want to keep the race small enough to be able to serve every runner as well as we can. Our job is to create best possible circumstances and to encourage you during the race so that you can give your best possible performance.

We also maintain a gallery of the runners where they can send a picture with a short story of themselves. This way also the runners are familiar already before the race.

If you got interested of our race then you are more than welcome to register for the next Nuuksio Backyard Ultra!

Here are a couple of links to pictures from 2021 race: pictures by Jarmo Koskela, pictures by Tomi Hänninen/YLEUrheilu

Race organizers: Mikael and Sari Heerman ( &