The Results from the first Taipei Backyard Ultra are in and posted on Webscorer: https://www.webscorer.com/race?raceid=302446

We’ve tried to limit the elevation of the 4.167-mile (6.71-km) loop while still providing a course that is pleasing to the eyes. You’ll be running on stone and dirt trail with some mountain roads.

The event is organized by Runivore, hosts of Explore Your Backyard trail race series and Beat the Sunset endurance event. We’re very excited to bring together top endurance athletes from Taiwan and abroad.

We plan on growing this event so that the winners can qualify for regional and global championships.

The rules are simple. Runners will run the 6.71 kilometer (4.1667 mile) loop every hour until just one person is standing. Once the loop starts, you have one hour to complete it. If you finish early, you have a bit of time to rest and refuel – you just must be in the start corral when the next hour starts. If you do not finish within the hour, you are considered DNF and are out of the race.