Timpanogos is a mountain known to all along the Wasatch Front. Mount Timpanogos Park is located at the base of this majestic mountain. It is here the Backyard Ultra will start and finish. You will be treated to amazing views of Mount Timpanogos, Cascade Mountain, and Provo Canyon. This Backyard Ultra will be challenging but rewarding. We hope you come out to push yourself and have a good time with friends and family at the finish line.

Created by Lazarus Lake, backyard ultras have exploded in popularity around the world. The race is simple and yet imbues everything a runner looks for in a race. Comradery, motivation, great outdoors, and food, lots of food. Backyard Ultras are the buffet of running.

Course Details

Day Course

Odd numbered laps will be run counter clockwise
Even numbered laps will be run clockwise

The course begins at Mount Timpanogos Park which is amazing in itself. The first part of the course is when you will do your climbing accumulating all of your elevation gain. Once on top, the next 1.5 miles is a flat trail great for running and making up time. All while taking in breathtaking vistas of the surrounding mountains. Finally you will begin your descent back to the park with a downhill section.

We did the different directions to switch it up but also take advantage of the different views.

4.167 miles and +686 ft elevation gain total
99% Trail, 1% Sidewalk?

Night Course

Out and back

If any runners are still standing by 10 pm they will begin the Night Course. This is for safety reasons given that most runners at this point will be hallucinating and seeing unicorns and rainbows. This course strolls through Mount Timpanogos Park and puts runners on the Provo River Parkway Trail. A paved trail that follows Provo Canyon and keeps runners safe away from the canyon traffic.

This course is actually really pretty but the truth is you won’t be able to see anything anyway so take comfort in knowing it is a well paved trail with less elevation gain and tripping hazards!

4.167 miles and +229 ft elevation gain total
88% Paved Trail, 12% Sidewalk