Underdogs – The Backyard Ultra. Straight in the land of haidooks.

Pushing your limits forward into the unknown, this will be the race of your life.

You will run till only one stands. But we will live every moment together.

One challenge. One community. We are the underdogs. But one of us will prove this wrong.

Once upon a time the legendary haidooks, notorious Romanian fugitives who would steal from the rich and offer to the poor, roamed these lands seeking meaning and shelter. 

Now it’s your turn.

START: 24th of August – in Brebu, Dambovița, Romania. 

HOUR 10:00 AM. 

Be at the start line by 9:00 AM. 

What are the specific rules regarding the BackYard Ultra?

  • The course will be at least 4.167 miles long.
  • The starting corral will stay the same size throughout the event. When the bell rings at the start of the lap on the hour then you must be inside the starting corral. If you are not then you’ll receive a DNF and not be allowed to continue.
  • Each loop starts precisely 1 hour after the last, and warnings will be given at 3, 2, and 1 minute prior to the start of the lap. All competitors must start at the bell (no late starts). Each loop must be completed within an hour to be counted, including the final lap.
  • Except for restrooms, competitors may not leave the course until each loop is completed
  • No non-competitors on the course (including eliminated runners) and no personal aid is allowed during the loop. This includes being passed items or handing a jacket back to your support team, once inside the corral or the next lap has begun. You can only have assistance between finishing one lap and entering the starting corral for the next lap. Once the runner starts the lap they must be fully by themselves. Cheering and support from team members are allowed from the race HQ and corral only.
  • No artificial aids (including trekking poles).
  • Slower runners must allow faster ones to pass
  • If no runner can start one more loop than anyone else, there is no winner.

Whilst we do want to attract runners who can compete for days, we also want you to know that this event is open to everyone, especially if you haven’t taken part in a Backyard before. You will have so much support from myself, the team, and volunteers as well as other runners.

Where do I register?

Registration are open herehttps://bit.ly/register_to_Underdogs_BYU

Where do I pick up my race number?

You’ll be able to pick up your race number from evening on the date before the event, 23rd of August at the start line, or on the 24th morning, until 9:00 AM.

Places for your tents will be provided. There are places to rent close to the start line. A list will be provided to you. We are now working on it, trying to obtain discounts for you and your closed ones who might come with you.

How do I get there?

By car or by train. 

If you come by car, you will have to reach Brebu village, in Runcu, Dambovița.

If you take the train, there are 3 trains from Bucharest coming to Petrosita. From there we will pick you up, only on the 23rd of August. Please, announce if you come by train, so we can organise your transport to the start line.


What do I get with my entry?

  • A safe area for you and your support crew to base your tents in to keep you and your equipment, provisions and kit dry.
  • A personalised cotton T-shirt for you to remember these days, even if you DNF. 
  • The winner will receive a personalised Underdogs – The Backyard Ultra Finisher technical T-shirt, too. Must do 1 complete yard on your own.
  • The aid station is stocked with hot and cold water, bananas, and a selection of fruit for the runners. Please bring reusable cups or bottles. We will not use plastic or paper cups at all.  
  • Dedicated first aiders on site for the full event.
  • One hot meal/ day for every runner, cooked by our chef. Your close ones must provide for themselves though. 
  • The area for you and your support crew on the day/days is located close to the start line.
  • Full time support for the whole time of the event.
  • Functioning toilets and urinals.
  • Massage for you to get back on your feet as quickly as possible. 
  • More goodies we are negotiating now with possible partners. The list is not final.
  • There will also be free power for charging your phone. Please, if you have external batteries bring them along. It will be very useful for you. 

You are more than welcome to bring items for everyone or leave items for others after you have finished. The aid station and support crew area is located within/adjacent to the Start line. 

Is there a time limit?

The only time limit is that you have to be back in the starting corral before the next lap begins on the hour every hour. If you are not in the starting corral when the bell rings then your event will be over. 

You can finish your event at any time and you’ll be declared a DNF. 

There can be only one winner.

Is there an Aid station?

We will have a small aid station with lots of liquids and a small selection of fruits. 

A massager will be, from times to times, on spot. 

What is the route?

The route is 4.167 miles long (6.71 km) and runs outside the village, partly dirt road, partly asphalt. 

The course surface has the possibility of changing depending on the weather conditions at the time, but we will announce in time and we are now working on a second track (just to be sure everything is ok).

Running Sustainably

1. Waste Reduction

a.  Participants must bring their own reusable cups or water bottles/hydration vests. We will not have plastic/paper cups on site. 

b. Water stations will provide water to refill, but there will be no cups. 

c. Race bibs will be collected at the end of the race and re-used unless the runner wants it as a souvenir.

Littering along the course will lead to disqualification and removal from the race.

2. Transportation:

a. We encourage participants to carpool or use public transport to get to the event.