NEXT WILDLAND BACKYARD ULTRA:  JUNE 14, 2025  Yep! That means you have over a year to train!!


WILDLAND BACKYARD ULTRA is a “Last Runner Standing” endurance event.  ALL PROCEEDS BENEFIT wildland firefighters and families in the event of a line of duty injury or death.

The course is a single loop (of sorts) 4.17 Miles in length – Elevation Gain per loop is 416′ feet.

The course start is situated at 8,000’ consists of old two track with some single track in rolling terrain through the aspens and ponderosa forest, with peekaboo view of Redondo Mountain.  Due to the elevation, weather may vary considerably.  Be prepared for hot days, rain, hail, wind or snow; expect the night to bring cold temps.

COURSE MAP AND GPX FILE will be emailed to runners upon completed registration.

LOCATION:  Redondo Campground, Jemez Springs NM.

The Wildland 52 Backyard Ultra will tour 4.17 miles of (mostly) trail accessed from Redondo Campground.  The race HQ and loop Start/Finish is in one of two campground loops that we have reserved.  Due to that parking is restrictive, as is the use of tents (please see AID/COMFORT/CAMPING below).

RACE FORMAT/CONCEPT:  Run 4.17 miles under one hour. Again and again. And again.  Whether you come to run a few loops with some friends, want to put your endurance to the test, or strive to be the last runner “standing”, we promise it will be a fun event and all for a great cause!

All race proceeds go to the Eric Marsh Foundation to help our wildland firefighters, their fire family and loved ones in their time of need, whether line of duty death or accident, or illness.

Please learn more about why we created the Wildland 52 and our passion for supporting wildland firefighters on our race website and the organization we support at Eric Marsh Foundation for Wildland Firefighters.  Even if you don’t run with us, please consider donating to them; every bit counts!

RACE ENTRY:     Limited to 40 runners

 Rules for entry MUST be followed!  


  1. Email with your intent to enter.
  2. Response with waiver will be returned to you with confirmation of availabity.
  3. Runner has 24 hours to donate $75.00 to The Eric Marsh Foundation AND
  4. Return receipt and waiver (receipt within next 24 hour window) to secure your registration
  5. We will email confirmation immediately.  Directions, instructions, printable parking placard will be emailed at later dates.

*Failure to follow these steps may result in runner not being registered, as registration will not be held over 48 hours.



RACE CHECK-IN will be Friday June13, 2025 from 3:00pm to 8:00pm and June 15 at 6:30am to 7:30am.  Runners of the LRS event may put up their tent for use during the event after check-in.  Only registered runners for the LRS endurance event may camp overnight the night before and after they are done on the course.

WILDLAND BACKYARD ULTRA will start at 8:00 am SHARP on Saturday June 14, 2025!
Before the start of each loop, the race director will go through the following protocol indicating time until the start.
–3 minutes before the start (whistle will be blown 3 times)
–2 minutes before the start (whistle will be blown 2 times)
–1 minute before the start (whistle will be blown 1 time)
–30 seconds will be announced before start
–10 seconds will be counted down before the start
–START (Cowbell will be rung)

You have ONE HOUR to finish the loop once it has started. If you finish a loop within the hour, you have the opportunity to START the NEXT hour provided you are IN the start corral when the next hour starts. If you do not finish within the hour, you are OUT of the race and considered a DNF.

1) Once you are on the course, you are not allowed any aid from your crew, pacers or otherwise.

2) If return to the race HQ once the loop has started you will be disqualified.

3) You must be ON and STAY on the course, unless you need to use the bathroom (please do so off the trail or road discreetly and practice “LEAVE NO TRACE” ethics.  There will not be a port-a-potty on the course but there are two sets of pit toilets at the race start/finish.

4) No artificial aids (including trekking poles) are allowed.

5) Once you are back to the start and assuming you’ve finished within the hour, you may use the bathroom, eat, drink, sleep, ponder the next loop, etc., but you MUST be back in the start corral, or you will be considered a DNF (NO EXCEPTIONS). This means you MAY NOT start late (even if you are in bathroom).

6) You may also choose not to continue though you will be considered a DNF. Make sure you inform the race staff your intention to drop!

7) If you are one that needs more time in between loops, then run faster so you have more time, but you might burn more energy. You may also choose to run slower which will give you less time back at the start/finish area, but you will burn less energy. You have to choose which strategy works best for YOU.

8) Runners are allowed ONLY TWO PERSON CREWS.

9) One PACER allowed per runner during dark hours only; pacers are responsible for their own aid.  No muling allowed.  Pacers must check in before proceeding onto the course the initial time and check out if they are not continuing on another loop.

10) Runners will continue until ONE runner completes a FINAL lap. (i.e. If there are two runners left and one does not complete the loop, then the one that completed the loop will be declared the winner). That runner will be considered the winner of the Wildland Backyard Ultra!


Runners are responsible for their own aid including calories, but we will have water, Tailwind and coffee for RUNNERS ONLY!  Please bring your own cup!!

Near the start/finish line, runners will have a small area where they may set up a chair with a drop bag or one milk crate (or equivalent) for quick access between loops.

PIT TOILETS are available near the start/finish area; there is no running water.

Each runner will be able to set up ONE SMALL tent if they so choose nearby.  If running with a friend/friends you may share a larger tent (2 people/2 person tent, 4 runners/4person tent). Parking may not be near your tent.

We respectfully request that runners who have DNF’d to move their tent to a location farther from the start so runners still participating can be closer to the start/finish; runners that DNF during night time hours are exempted until dawn.

Runners may opt to use a vehicle (nothing larger than what a normal parking space can accommodate (no RV’s), please) in lieu of a tent.  We cannot promise a parking spot near the start/finish as they will be “first come, first serve”.

*Unfortunately, there may not be enough room for support crew/spectator tents.  The rest of Redondo Campground is “first come/first serve” and crew/DNF’d runners may opt to get there early to reserve one of those spots.  Please contact to inquire.

 PARKING:  DUE TO LIMITED SPACE, ONE VEHICLE PER RUNNER/CREW allowed in the campground loop; SECOND CARS (to include crew/pacers/spectators) will need to park off premises; map will be included in packet emailed before the race.  Carpooling is encouraged!!

PRIZES:  Award for the Last Runner Standing; All other runners will receive a Wildland BU participant award with the number of laps finished.

POST RACE: You’ve just DNF’d this epic race (unless you are the winner of course). Enjoy the amount of miles you just ran, sit back, relax and don’t forget to hang out/cheer on all the remaining runners.

REFUND/BIB TRANSFER POLICY:  Due to your entry being a direct donation, there are no refunds or roll-overs.