what was the dirty dozen yesterday

has become the magnificent 7 today!

frank gielen was the last to fall….


i did not ask him why he stopped.

i think it would have required a post by itself.


the remaining 7 are now engaged in a game that is as much poker as running.

let me be clear;

none of them is without pain.

they have been having a secret relationship with pain for days.

but they do not want the extent of the relationship to be apparent to the others.

these 7 will not quit when they can run no more

they will quit when they no longer believe they can win.

to show weakness is to feed the opponent

to seem strong might weaken their resolve.


creating doubt is the path to win

because no one is running on physical capabilities any more.

that ran out several days ago.

they run because their mind makes the body run.

only force of will keeps them going.

this race has become a contest of the will to win.


a high stakes game of backyard poker

and the ante is 4.167 miles every hour.