the final trail loop.

among the runners who will be glad to reach the road is jennifer russo.

at 57 she is the oldest participant in this year’s championship….


and she is the epitome of an athlete

especially the backyard athlete.

during the team championships she really struggled on the big trail.

i knew when she came back she would be prepared.

and she was.

her trail loops were improved by several minutes a yard

and she came in looking perfectly under control.


this is how the great ones respond to a weakness.

they improve it.

it is easy to practice what you are good at

but it takes courage to practice where you have struggled

and determination to make yourself better…


but that is who jennifer is.

she wanted to reach the world championship

and she laid out a path to get there.


how easy would it be to say;

“i will be 57. i am too old to play in this game”

but that was not what she did.

she laid out a plan to qualify

and she made it happen.


now is there any chance she wins?

of course not.

she is still in there against 73 younger, stronger runners.

but i dont think i would make my living by trying to predict what jennifer russo could do.

because right now she is not a 57 year old mother of three,

she is one of the best backyard runners in the world

competing for a world championship….


and she is my hero.

can i add one more favorite?