hour 13


50 miles in the bank.

by now everyone knows they have been on their feet.


but, for perspective;

100 hours is still 88 hours away!


i got it wrong last hour.

there are still 16 intact teams,

three of them in the small division.

for some reason singapore’s score was behind getting recorded.


they are probably the tiniest island in land area.

but they have more the population of a denmark

6 million rather than a few hundred thousand.


we are hitting the first night here.

some felt sorry for new zealand

with their 0100 start,

but they got the first night out of the way

when they were fresh.

ours is hitting after a very full day of running.


and i will tell you another secret about championship level backyarding…


the first night is the hardest.


no matter who you are,

or how far you have gone in the past,

going a night without sleep is not easy.


and when you know your plan is to go not just one night

but two or three more

the first night tries your soul.

your mind is telling you;

“if it hurts this bad tonight, what will tomorrow night be like…


or the next,

and the next!


in practice,

they are more difficult in a way.

but emotionally the first one is the worst.


the sun never sets on the satellite championships.

but it is also always night somewhere.

as the race develops

the running,

and the scoring can be expected to ebb and flow

in concert with the sun.


but i dont see that many signs of weakness.

492 runners are still in after 12 hours.


i am thinking we could still have 400 runners at 24!


me building a fire at the start of hour 12.

it will not be out until the race is over.