hour 17
2/3 of the way to 24 hours.
experienced ultrarunners will tell you;
“100 miles is never easy”
and doing it under 24 hours is harder still.
451 runners remain,
and the dream of seeing 400 people break 24 hours for 100 miles in the same event are starting to look like a long shot.
if we can count on one thing,
it is that there has never been a wilder array of conditions.
from ferocious storms in south africa
to torrential rain in malaysia
a heat wave in lahore
and the runners in canada having to run in groups
because there is a bear on the course!
and it looks like we might have the coldest conditions of the whole world here in tennessee
where it is supposed to get down to 20 (-6 C) tomorrow night!
no matter what happens,
the runners just keep answering the bell.
hour after hour.
13 intact teams remain
(we think, australia has lagged on reporting)
and iceland is still one of them.
they are extending their lead in the small division every hour
(up to a 7 yard lead at this point)
on fading malta and switzerland,
with ukraine and surprising singapore closing on those two.
vietnam is next, but also losing ground to a charging finland.
the small country division,
as expected
has turned into a wild melee,
with every hour seeing wild swings in the tide of battle..