hour 18


and then there were 12.

iceland finally fell from the ranks of unscathed teams.


but they continue to build on their lead,

now 11 yards ahead of malta.

switzerland and vietnam are still inching up on malta.

finland finally lost a runner,

and they are now 1 yard behind singapore

with both of them closing in on vietnam.


this is the point in the small country competition where every drop is a tragedy,

and every extra yard managed by a weary competitor is golden.


even iceland is not safe,

despite dominating the small division for hours.

and no one behind them has a lock on any place.



the reports of wild weather continue to come in.

morocco is dealing with gale force winds now,

while the finns are running in the rain..


439 of the original 544 runners are heading for 75 miles to finish this hour.

75 miles may not sound like much…


but it is really far!