if anyone is following the big dog’s race on my page
i will not be posting there any more.
you can follow my hourly updates on big dog’s backyard ultra group: link at the bottom.
unfortunately posting to my personal account and sharing to the group opens up a portal for the pirates and spammers with the fake livestream to get into the group and post their fake links.
please watch our genuine broadcast on the you tube channel.
we have a great show for you.
this is the life of every event these days i suppose.
as many resources are dedicated to keeping the pirates out of your media as there is to actually stage the event….
meanwhile out on the big trail:
the runners are settling in.
the sky is blue and a cool breeze is blowing.
not even the first hints of wear have begun.
life could not be better
and it could not be a better day to be out on the trail!