hour 30



there is something special about topping 30 hours.

it seems like a whole different level than 29.


we humans love our numbers.

and backyard offers so many of them.

at every normal backyard you see a lot of people stopping at certain distances:

5 yards (over a marathon)

6 (over 50k)

12 (50 miles)

15 (100k)

24 (100 miles)


beyond that the sky is the limit.

altho people after these are not usually out to stop there

but to surpass that number

30 hours (round numbers rock!)

36 (a day and a half or 150 miles)

40 (round numbers rock!)

48 (2 days or 200 miles)

50 (round numbers rock!)

60 (round numbers rock!)

70 (round numbers rock!)

72 (3 days or 300 miles)

80 (round numbers rock!)

90 (round numbers rock!)

96 (4 days or 400 miles)

100 (the ultimate barrier… to be the first!)


so, reaching 30 yards is probably not anyone’s goal.

maybe the most coveted goal is 100

because that is the number everyone has been talking about for several years.

next toi that is 90,

because that is the world record at the moment.


but in the backyard nothing happens fast.

there is no jumping ahead to 100.

you must cross each milestone along the way…


and 30 just feels like a long way.

30 is “30!”

29 is just “over 24”


everyone will be happy to reach 30….


until they hear 3 whistles.


so in the large classification it is still hungary and belgium

each trying to be the last to lose a team member.


in the small countries norway finally made the pass.

and finland too.

but, while they are at 8 and 6 members

and iceland is at 4

if they should falter

and iceland’s 4 can stick….


comebacks are totally possible in the backyard satellites.

this is not over until it is over.